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    Born in Bloemfontein

    Raised in Johannesburg



    About Me

    I pursue passions not paychecks.

    Born and raised in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Growing up in a hard and secluded environment created in his own mind ; Ace had faced troubles with adjusting to atmospheres society has implemented. After graduating high school he then faced new complications as where and how to start off his career.

    This blog was created to share his beliefs , feelings and life.

    This is The Life Of Ace.

  • What else?

    What is there to know?

    I am not sure whether if it's safe to reveal my age but let's just say I'm legal okay (hint: closer to twenty so shhh don't tell nobody!)

    I created this website because I felt that despite all social medias being great for sharing content - many if not all lack the ability to share EVERYTHING you wanted to in one spot , I'll be able to share all my content , my thoughts , media and anything that I wanted to ! ;) Imagine having a site that's all about you , where you control everything . That's basically my motive.

    When and where were you born?

    I was born in the small ass city of Bloemfontein on the 24th of December and about the age of four years old I migrated to Johannesburg where I was raised and started school.

  • Vision


    Okay passion right? This one runs deep. Pun intended. I am passionate about so many things. To start it off I'm passionate about creating music and although I dont seek to make a career off of it , a passion can also be a hobby can't it? I'm passionate about learning so many new things specifically the things that I do not know. I'm passionate in contributing to peoples lives positively and leaving an impact on everybody i stumble upon. I have this passion to increase my knowledge and my capabilites. I'm passionate on acting most , it is my absolute die hard dream to become an actor. And i will stop at no costs to make that passion a reality.

    Dreams & Aspirations

    I dream of so many things. I dream of BECOMING so many things. To list a few , one of my dreams is to affect so many people around the world and to not only instill my mindset into them but to help them discover their own mindset, their own purpose. I dream of making everything I visualize late at night a reality. I dream of changing lives amongst my own, I dream of becoming revolutionary.

    I aspire to meet so many new people along my career , learn new mindsets , new ways of thinking and getting intertwined with different souls. I aspire to carry out the characteristics and the definitions that my name holds. I aspire to inspire many.

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    February 16, 2018 · Heartbreak,Relationships,Sadness,Recovery,Happiness
    The most common and present topic everybody faces atleast once in their lifetime. But what do we do after the person we thought would never hurt us in the worst of ways decide to press the button of complete heart destruction? Truth is that recovery varies per person ; some may recover swiftly...
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    Have you read the blog above? Great! Here's a podcast I created to support it.

  • Short Project

    Movie time!

    Restart Your Life

    This video is a depiction of insecurities playing a part in our lives. I did not create this to induce any sort of negative emotion - instead to help fight insecurity. We live everyday trying to please others , wearing things we aren't even comfortable with , doing our hair in ways we do not like - just to please people. It's time to stop staring insecurity in the face and start again. Insecurity ruins friendships , relationships and connections. Let it go. Start again.

  • Education 

    Dawnview High School


    Design Art , History , Computer application Technology

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